Dow Corning Nutrient Rack cut by a Trotec Laser

nutrient rack


We are forever on a mission to make the lab tidier (with the growing amount of creatives making in the space, you can imagine things can get a tad messy) and our handy Dow Corning tubes that we use to hold various nutrients for our crops needed a new home. So we set about the task to make a nutrient holder rack, using as little as possible!


Scrap 6mm plywood (off cuts from a previous laser job)


Speedy 100 Trotec Laser Cutter

Design file to cut the pieces – click here to download

Laser cut pieces


We are pretty happy with our nifty little rack, which can hold 6 tubes of nutrient. If you would like one too please feel free to download our design file and edit as you see fit (you could make it bigger/smaller etc) and make yourself one.

Cut by a trotec laser