Green Lab Code of Conduct and Operating Principles
A handy guide for all new residents and a reminder for current residents on how we run the lab, basic health and safety, operating philosophy and access to all facilities

Opening up & Locking up

Lab security and safety is EVERYONE’s responsibility, please ensure
Always check you are the last out before locking up – check ALL rooms
Ensure all the windows are CLOSED
Ensure all the heating systems are on low (2 setting)
Turn off all the house lights
Ensure any ovens, electrical hobs or the kiln is turned off
Upper lab ensure both double doors are unlocked during the day between 8am and 6pm

Pin codes and access points
Access codes provides depending on project location and access type.
Codes provided verbally by Green Lab team

Health & Safety
You are responsible for your own safety, and the safety of others in the lab – please use common sense when in the lab and look out for one another. You must

Follow all guidance provided by Green Lab staff
Adhere to all lab signage and safety procedures (COSHH, FIre Evacuation, Use of equipment, electrical items)
Be appropriately qualified, trained for any schools based work (CRB/DBS)

Security and thefts
Green Lab is not responsible for the safety or security of any personal items you leave in the lab. Anything you leave is at your own risk. Please be mindful that with public events we do not have complete control over who uses the space.

Green Lab has a library of books for residents to use. Feel free to contribute to the library. Books should remain in the lab at all times and not be taken of site without prior agreement with a member of the Green Lab team

Use of Green Lab Kitchen
The kitchen on the first floor of the lab is a FOOD kitchen only and any equipment should NOT be used for biological experiments, growing projects or anything other than food preparation

Please do not
Use kitchen knives for cutting anything other than fruit, veg and bread
Use cups or glasses for soaking seeds or chemical processes
Use the cutting boards for your experiments
Use the cutlery for any growing activities
Use the nutribullet for grinding plastics or dried organic material

Please do
Wash, dry and put away your plates, cups and cutlery
Keep the working surfaces clean and free of food
Keep the kitchen clean, remember other people use it

The fridge will be emptied EVERY friday at 4pm

The sinks should only take water or liquid food waste – Do not pour any chemicals or food solids into the water supply!.

Lab waste – Food and other materials

Green Lab has three bins
Mixed recycling (glass, paper, cardboard, plastics)
Landfill (non recyclable materials)
Food waste

Food waste
Please put all food waste into to the green caddy in the kitchen.
Do not put food directly into any of the bins

Glass, plastics, cardboard and metals
Please take any large cardboard boxes out for recycling, do not leave in the lab
Cut up smaller boxes and put in our recycling bins
Plastics need to be placed in the mixed recycling bin (please check before throwing away)
Any food plastic packaging needs to be washed/rinsed before disposal

Do NOT put batteries into the bin we have a specific battery store that is used. Located on the kitchen top above the bins. It’s clearly labelled.

Biological, plant, infected or farm waste
Organic waste such as dead plants, soil, coir, aphid infested plants MUST be taken off site and placed into our composting bins located outside a short walk from the bike storage areas.

Private Events
Green Lab occasionally hires out our main event space for a variety of activities. When we have events in tha main space you will be informed via our WhatsApp group.

The main event area will not be usable for hot desking for any noisy activities
The kitchen will not be available for normal use
Please be mindful of events during this period, by being quiet and walking around the outside of the event area when exiting or re-joining the space

Maker Lab, Wet Lab and Material Labs
As a resident you have access to use different facilities in the space. Some will require booking, a health and safety induction and sometimes prepayment for services. Any area you use for project work please ensure you clean up after the activity.

Do not use equipment you are unfamiliar with
Do not use machines that you do not have permission to use
All equipment in the lab requires a safety induction prior to use

Do not just assume 🙂 If in doubt please ask one of the team.

Intellectual Property and Open source projects
There are many interesting projects going in the lab, although a lot of what we do looks at open source design please be respectful of others projects and ideas.

COSHH and Hazardous materials
You are required by law to advise a member of the Green Lab team if you bring into the lab any materials that are explosive, highly flammable or toxic. These materials will have to stored in line with COSHH guidelines.

Fire safety
We have a fire alarm test every Wednesday at 4pm – you do not need to evacuate. Please be aware that if the fire alarm happens outside of this, you will HAVE to leave the building immediately and assemble on the opposite footpath outside of 3Space

We have a first aid kit and eye splash kits located on the ground and first floor lab spaces. If you have an accident in the lab, please ensure you also document this within our accident book (located first floor kitchen)

Trained Emergency at Work First Aiders
Andrew Gregson 07595 264183
Anoushka Cole 07766 995739