#Opensource Growing Systems

Automation and remote monitoring of an outdoor growing system using open source internet connected system and sensors.

Arduino growing systems

The objectives of this workshop is to explore the use of digital technologies on on non-traditional farming methods (hydroponics and aquaponics) by using open source microcontrollers and ensor technology to build a small scale working and ‘connected’ device.

Learning outcomes
  • Overview of modern agricultural systems (aquponics, vertical, hydroponic).
  • Understanding the role of CEA within a food production system.
  • Understanding of how to build an internet connected devices to measure and control a growing environment (sensors, controllers, open source technologies, basic electronics)
  • Understanding of how to create a dashboard for reporting and tracking purposes (using openly accessible platforms)
  • Hands on experience with C library programming for the Arduino set of microcontrollers
    Consideration for future expansion and enhancements of the workshop systems

Learning resources

Useful background material for review prior to workshop

PDF Downloads and news articles

Video content – growing systems

Video content – technology and agriculture

Bill of materials

This is the list of materials you will be using to take part in the workshop


You will be required to bring your own PC/Laptop and power supply. A mouse is recommended together with a mousemat.

Workshop Schedule
Code base and Wiki pages
Libraries required (minimum)

EU Erasmus OD&M

OD&M Alliance logo OD&M is a Knowledge Alliance dedicated to create and support communities of practices around the Open Design & Manufacturing paradigm, making the most of openness, sharing and collaboration to create new value chains of innovation in design and manufacturing oriented to the social good.Through inspiring international mobilities, dedicated events, project-based trainings and innovative systems of learning outcomes certification, the OD&M community is committed to create a valuable environment of capacity-building for students, university staff, enterprises and highly creative and passionate people.

Green Lab is part of this knowledge alliance working along side University of Arts London

Find out more at http://odmplatform.eu/


Recycled Plastics:
A collaborative project between Green Lab, Digital Maker Collective and students from Chelsea College of Art.

Future Algae:
For this project the Green Lab team took 13 students from MA Industrial Design, Central Saint Martins through an explorative brief with a focus on algae and the potential this material holds for a more sustainable future.


Algae Recipes

Orange Peel, Banana Peel & Tea Leaves Recipes


How to make mycelium products by Valentina Dipietro

Open source robot arm to extrude organics by Andreea Bunica

Kombucha Leather Material by Riina Oun

Composite materials from food waste & algae by Midushi Kochhar

Digital Fabrication Machines

Trotec Speedy 100 – 60W Laser
  • Pricing and design guidelines
  • Notes for maintenance

    CONVEX UP in laser when installing
    Cleaning daily or when used
    Top mirror needs weekly cleaning
    Focus tool – use manual only
    Set up admin access to materials settings and the machine
    CO2 extinguisher in the room


    Order materials from www.kitronik.co.uk

Roland CAMM Vinyl Cutter

Ultimaker 3D Printer

Ultimaker 3D Food Printer

Roland Modela desktop CNC

Piranha CNC

Growing & Lighting

We have a range of growing equipment for use at the lab. You can hire out grow trays, movable racking and lighting for periods of time to minimise your costs to get growing. We also have a lighting engineer that can help to build custom lighting for specific projects such as our greenhouse.

T5 Strip lights (x10)


LED Red lights (x2)


1m Grow trays (x10)

1m grow trays

3 Moveable racks (stainless steel)

Moveable racks

Palmar greenhouse (6×4)

Palmar Greenhouse

2 x IBC (1000ltr) and 4 x IBC (300ltr)

Assorted IBC's



EcoQube (x2)


Grow tents


Aponic vertical wall (12 towers)


Aquapioneers aquaponic kit

Aquapioneers aquaponic kit


The Green Lab library is a growing collection of books from farming and foraging to fermenting and cooking. There’s guides from utilising what nature has to offer from land to sea and sustainable practice. The books can be used within Green Lab.
Greenlab library


Our electronics bench is equipped with the basic necessities for making your own electronic components and is available for use by lab residents that have some experience using the equipment. The bench is available as bookable time slots.

Rapid DC Power Supply

Rapid DC Power Supply

Power Meter


Soldering Stations

Soldering stations

De-solder heat gun

De-solder heat gun

Light and Magnifier

Light and magnifier

Clamp and Magnifier

Clamp and magnifier

Greenhouse Eyelet Connector

George Haworth here, we needed a few more of these eyelet connectors for the Palram Harmony 6X4 Polycarbonate Greenhouse:

So I 3D printed a batch on the Ultimaker2Go:

Here are the Rhinoceros (.3dm) and .stl files (I have included a reproduction of the original connector plus a version with the eyelet rotated by 90 degrees):