#Opensource Growing Systems

Automation and remote monitoring of an outdoor growing system using open source internet connected system and sensors.

Arduino growing systems

The objectives of this workshop is to explore the use of digital technologies on on non-traditional farming methods (hydroponics and aquaponics) by using open source microcontrollers and ensor technology to build a small scale working and ‘connected’ device.

Learning outcomes
  • Overview of modern agricultural systems (aquponics, vertical, hydroponic).
  • Understanding the role of CEA within a food production system.
  • Understanding of how to build an internet connected devices to measure and control a growing environment (sensors, controllers, open source technologies, basic electronics)
  • Understanding of how to create a dashboard for reporting and tracking purposes (using openly accessible platforms)
  • Hands on experience with C library programming for the Arduino set of microcontrollers
    Consideration for future expansion and enhancements of the workshop systems

Learning resources

Useful background material for review prior to workshop

PDF Downloads and news articles

Video content – growing systems

Video content – technology and agriculture

Bill of materials

This is the list of materials you will be using to take part in the workshop


You will be required to bring your own PC/Laptop and power supply. A mouse is recommended together with a mousemat.

Workshop Schedule
Code base and Wiki pages
Libraries required (minimum)