PALRAM 6ft x 4ft Polycarb Green House

Green Lab Greenhouse


The initial aims for this project was to successfully produce as many crops as possible in a confined space. The 6ft x 4ft greenhouse seemed appropriate for the challenge, as a fairly compact space it could fit in most urban gardens, and to prove the point further we don’t even have a garden so our 6ft x 4ft greenhouse is taking pride of place within the lab. So if you to are a garden-less reader then fear not, we’ve proved you can put one inside.

To produce the maximum amount of crop we chose to use a hydroponic system as apposed to an aquaponics – this is because to feed the number of plants we wanted to grow via aquaponics we would need a lot more water tanks for the fish to be happy.

We chose to build in Deep Water Culture (DWC) media beds to grow in using clay pebbles and raft board and an NFT tower system (Nutrient Film Technique)

We also have added a feed of CO2 from our mushroom growing tent into the greenhouse.


PALRAM 6ft x 4ft Polycarbonate Greenhouse – £50 second hand from gumtree

Reclaimed wood – to make the media beds

145 litre tank

Piping – from the Plastic Pipe Shop

Gulleys – for the tower systems

45w Immersible pump – Hailea

Tarpaulin – to waterproof the media beds

Clay pebbles – for one of the media beds

Raft board – for the other media bed

clay pebbles


We love a bit of tech in the lab and our greenhouse is no exception. Seeing as the greenhouse is inside and we wanted to produce a bountiful crop we have added our own lighting.

We have a lab built LED sunlight (we can build these for your project too if you want, just drop us an email at )

& we have 2 200w Maxibright bulbs from Maxigrow Ltd

We also have:

1 Smart Citizen – Arduino based sensor recording all the data from the greenhouse and shared online here.

A Zensie 30MHz sensor measuring: Temperature, Humidity, Leaf surface temperature, CO2 levels, PAR (photosynthetic active radiation), Dewpoint, Occupied vibrations & the water pump.



With the combination of water, nutrients, light and a trusty pump our greenhouse is now in full flourish and we are growing the following plants:

Indigo Rose Tomatoes

Scotch Bonnet Chillies

Genovese Basil

Purple Basil


seedsIndigo Rose Tomato available from Suttons & Scotch Bonnet Chilli from South Devon Chilli Farm.