Drying Rack

Drying rack

Some new projects are moving into the Incubation Lab that require a drying rack so Green Lab resident Pauline Roques set about constructing one from wasted wood found around the lab and 3Space site.

With the use of the labs Trotec Speedy 100 Laser cutter Pauline made a simple structure from a bamboo pole and some hooks made from 6mm plywood.

The drying rack is fully adaptable to the needs of the lab and various residents projects and overall design can easily change size to fit any surroundings.

To make the drying rack you will need:

1 bamboo pole – length to suit your space

6mm plywood sheet – 600 x 300mm to fit the same number of pegs as our design file

Access to a laser cutter

here is a link to the laser cutter file for the pegs.

Drying rack